Where are you looking for?

First, why is ROI the wrong metric for campaign-oriented marketing? Ask yourself: Are you trying to understand if the effort did work or whether it will work? If the former, you must capture on the measurements that quantify whether you met your goal. But let’s be clear, goals such as on some of incremental sales revenue, cost per lead generated, cost per sale generated, and cost of a new customer are not returns on an investment; neither are they even goals. These are accountability metrics toward a particular business goal. Continue reading “Where are you looking for?”

Holistically engage innovate

We believe these leadership skills start in your head. Innovation is now recognized as this is single most important ingredient in any modern economy. But getting innovation right of requires new leadership skills. We believe these leadership skills start in your head. Great like some innovation requires the ability to challenge and stretch your existing mental models. Yet, we know industry mental models tend to converge over time. So to innovate in existing roles, in established companies, in current industries requires the ability to think different, to dream bigger.
George Bernhard Shaw once said, “Imagination is the beginning of creation”. Well, strategic innovation requires strategic imagination. And this all starts in your head.

People, culture and processes; these are the three enablers of Strategic Innovation. These three enablers are the building blocks of any successful strategic innovation effort. Problem is, most companies don’t have the tools, metrics or theories to balance these three. Instead, luck and random chance decide if your company has the foundation for successful innovation. Now, for the first time, you can learn how your company can create a holistic understanding of innovation.